• Cloud Jolt

    Company: Cloud Jolt

    Website: www.cloudjolt.com

    Work: Web Design, E-commerce

    Cloud Jolt is a socially responsible web hosting company designed for entrepreneurs. They donate 25% of their proceeds to the charities their customers choose.

  • Blocosmetics

    Company: Blocosmetics

    Website: www.blocosmetics.com

    Work: Web Design, E-Commerce

    B.LO Cosmetics is a cosmetics company devoted to bringing out the "naturally gorgeous" in women of all ages and ethnicities.

  • Providence Capital

    Company: Providence Capital

    Work: Web Design

    Providence Capital Group is a real estate investments firm located in San Diego, CA. To date, Providence Capital Group and their affiliates have acquired over 40 Southern California real estate assets.

  • Start Up Rise Up

    Company: Start Up Rise Up

    Website: www.startupriseup.com

    Work: Web and Print Design

    Start Up Rise Up is an event for entrepreneurs and startups in the Boston area to connect with other entrepreneurs and see some of the hottest startups started by fellow Bostonians. They showcased and presented their startup and got a chance to win some cash and prizes.

  • Perplexitees

    Company: Perplexitees

    Work: Web and Product Design

    Perplexitees is a high end clothing company that emphasizes the surreal nature of life. They believed that their products created a fun and exciting experience. I designed the print material, packaging, website, and clothing.

  • BongoBing

    Company: The Laptop Company, Inc.

    Work: Web Design

    BongoBing was a product search engine that was built to compete with companies such as Google and TheFind. After challenging Microsoft Bing.com's trademark application, I was brought on to redesign their interface to appeal to the massive amount of press and traffic they were getting.

  • Augustin Ba

    Hello, my name is Gus. I am a freelance web developer from Massachusetts. I am also a very experienced entrepreneur who has been a part of many business ventures. I believe that in life you only really get one chance to make a great first impression and that's why I give my clients the highest quality work.